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Transom Boats (Armade Rescue)

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Large 49 - 58 cm Tube Diameter, Super Tough, with the Safest Structure
The Armada Rescue transom boats, which are the strongest and biggest group of boats, have been used by the military, for rescue, and commercially for many years. Recently this model has become popular with scuba divers, too. The main features of the Armada Rescue are its large tube diameters and its substantial load capacity, with room enough for 8 - 12 persons.

Incredible Performance & Durability
The strong, keeled, V - shape hull of these boats maximizes performance. Our 450AR can reach over 50 km / h with only a 40 hp outboard motor. And the top wear patches add a second layer of material on the top of the main tubes. This tough reinforcement enables you to enjoy long-lasting boating pleasure.

Interchangeable Flooring System with Aluminum, Wood, or Plastic Floor
The standard floor system of this series is a painted marine plywood floorboard. However, you can order an aluminum floorboard system as an option for your boat. And specifically, the SE420AR has a third option of plastic floorboard system. We have a wide variety of flooring systems for all models.